Urmil Shroff

About Me
Hello, world! I'm Urmil and I absolutely love technology. I love to make Flutter apps, code in Python and fiddle around with different tools & frameworks.
Besides for programming, I also like cars, listening to music and playing tennis. Get in touch if you want to talk!
Flutter Apps
A platform to help Drivers find Riders in an effort to improve the Autorickshaw system in India.

An aesthetically pleasing open source UI template for Flutter developers.

A duo of Flutter apps to ensure that Senior Citizens get the help they deserve.

A minimalistic note taking app made using Flutter to make you more productive.
If you want to hire me for a Flutter project, check out my gig on Fiverr!

I spend a lot of time on open source, so visit my GitHub profile to view all of my work!

I own a tech-centric YouTube channel with nearly 2,000 subscribers and 500,000+ total views.