Urmil Shroff

About Me
Hello, world! I'm Urmil and I absolutely love technology. You'll mostly find me coding on my MacBook or tweaking my Pixel, but I'm also very passionate about cars and love listening to music.
Mukesh Patel School Of Technology Management & Engineering
B Tech (Integrated), 2015-present

Cathedral & John Connon School
ICSE, 2004-2015
OneRoof Technologies
Flutter App Developer intern, May-June 2019

NOW Mozilla Club
Build Lead, May 2019-present
Team Member, 2018-2019

Technical Executive, July 2019-present
My Apps
An app to increase the chances of getting a taxi when you need one

A beautiful, open source Flutter UI template

Android root checker app with 10K+ downloads!
Other Projects
Wirelessly connect an Android phone to your computer!

The official website for Network for the Open Web

I'm always coding on my laptop, pushing over 1,200 commits to 40+ repositories on GitHub. Check out my profile below!